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The history of this region traces back 10,000 years. The ancient megalithic sites with mounds and wells are a testament to this perennial story of human habitation. Our later visitors were the Romans, Ottomans, Venetians, French and Austrian Empires, each of whom left their cultural imprints and landmarks. The area today boasts five UNESCO protections. Should you wish to explore outside of Imotski, the cities of Split and Mostar, some of the most beautiful sites in the region, are less than 90 minutes away by car. No matter the adventure, our team crafts experiences tailored to your desires. This undiscovered land awaits your exploration.


If you want to kayak, dive, raft, sail, or swim, Imotski has it all. While the Blue Lake nature park is only 50 meters away, water activities can be arranged on the nearby rivers or sea, including speed boat excursions to the nearby islands.


Imotski is ideal for trekking, with many trails connecting the lakes, villages, vineyards, sacred sites, and hillforts. A popular trail is the Camino Imota, a pilgrimage route about 75 km long, which takes three days and features spectacular nature, rich historical heritage, an outdoor cathedral, and the breathtaking lakes. Even if you are not spiritually inclined, you can climb to the Topana fortress to observe the paradise valley all along the watchtower.


Chiseled in stone in the Dalmatian mainland, Imotski is similar to coastal towns, though its streets are wider because the town was never walled. Its area harbors a UNESCO prehistoric megalithic site called Crljivica and many ritual mounds, ancient hillforts, sacred wells, and holy trees, which have been virtually untouched for millennia. In addition, there are medieval and Ottoman fortresses and small villages, which are cultural monuments in themselves. The Museum of Imotski holds many ancient treasures, along with the Franciscan Monastery.


Imotski comes to life with dozens of festivals throughout the year. In the summertime, guests can enjoy Imotska Sila (Imotski Get-togethers), featuring musical shows, drama plays, and exhibitions in stunning locations. The Feast of Our Lady of the Angels on August 2nd is the Imotski Feast Day when the town explodes with joy, followed by the town’s wine fair called “Cvit Razgovora” (The Flower of Conversation).” St. Antony (June 13th), St Ann (July 26th), and Assumption Day (August 15th) are the main Dernek – village fair days. Imotski celebrates the Carnival and Easter Passion in the off-season when the entire town participates in costumed plays. If you are looking for nightlife, you can explore the clubs that stay open until the early morning hours. One of the biggest events is the Magic Time Vinyl Festival, in which only music from analog records is played, and vinyl reigns. It roars for three days at the turn of July and August.